Kindness, Perseverance, Strength (Fine Art Print)

This fine art print from the original graphite drawing by Jocelyn Sandor Urban depicts three horses who were lucky enough to end up at Lifeline Horse Rescue.

Kindness is ‘Freckles’. Introduced to jumping too early in life he hurt his back, failed a pre-purchase exam and became unwanted. Acute back pain did not make him grumpy. Instead, after a long rehab, this sweet freckled-faced chestnut gelding went on to help many people learn how to ride and to feel confident. His patience and gentleness together with his long eyelashes can melt anyone’s heart. 

Perseverance is ‘Midnight Star’. This stout black horse did not have it easy in life and was scheduled to be humanely euthanized. With a larger-than-life personality, beauty pageant looks, and never-ending energy, she quickly became a barn favorite! She was adopted in February, 2020 by a family who adores her.

Strength is ‘Finn’. This chestnut war-horse-like gelding was imported from Ireland. Years of showing and foxhunting burned him out and he was discarded. In the company of a loving young girl he found a new purpose in life. He has this Irish glint in his eyes and a smiling face that made him famous in the community. His favorite pastimes are massages, being ridden bareback and trail adventures.

Kindness, Perseverance and Strength – Unframed fine art print by Jocelyn Sandor Urban, 16 x 22″, $110.00 (includes shipping and any taxes). 100% of the proceeds go to the rescue.  

Contact me to purchase.  301-318-1686  860-488-4574

Rescued (Fine Art Print)

On behalf of Lifeline Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation and Urban Visual Media, LLC, we would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to Jay Hanley, former owner of the great racehorse Lady Eli, and to Peter McCausland and Erdenheim Farm of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania for their purchases of original artwork whose proceeds have profoundly benefitted the rescue. Jay Hanley has purchased the graphite drawing ‘Rescued’ and Peter McCausland has purchased a custom graphite drawing of some of his own horses.

To date we have sold approximately 20 prints of the drawing ‘Rescued’. Additionally, there have been quite a few monetary donations to the rescue. Thank you to all!!! Your generous response has exceeded all expectations. Most importantly, it has afforded a comfortable life to many of our equine friends.

We will continue to offer signed prints of the drawing ‘Rescued’ for sale on the Urban Visual Media website as well as through Lifeline Horse Rescue. All proceeds go to the rescue.

Please visit the Lifeline Horse Rescue website. They have a ‘Wish List’ of items that include: A two horse trailer and truck, stall mats for 15 stalls, fence posts and rails, a riding mower, and funds to be utilized for their ‘Hay Fund’ (the rescue’s current approximate cost of hay per year is $10,000.00). As was the case before, any donation is greatly appreciated. Please contact the rescue regarding any of these items.

This fine art print from the original graphite drawing depicts the emotionally intense meeting of two ex-racehorse mares and a foal. The mare wearing the halter was rescued from a killpen and brought to Lifeline Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation where she was immediately greeted and consoled by her future soulmate. The innocent and inquisitive foal is a witness to this instant and heartwarming bonding. You will be able to look at this extraordinary artwork again and again and each time find a new interpretation of the emotions expressed by the “Rescued”. Is it relief, joy, anguish, a fear of the unknown or a dread of the possibility of another separation?

RESCUED, unframed fine art print, signed by artist Jocelyn Sandor Urban, 20 x 24”, paper size 24 x 28” $250.00 (includes shipping and any taxes).

100% of the proceeds for any sales will benefit Lifeline Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Contact me to purchase.

For more information, stories about the horses, the rescue and the artist please contact: (301-318-1686) (508-901-5423)