ROLF – A Black Labrador Retriever (and something a little furry with a narrow head and a slightly bushy tail). Adopted from the Guiding Eyes from the Blind … due to the mystery of his genealogy… perhaps a bit German Shepherd.

LUCAS FAYRECHILD –  A Black Labrador Retriever (big, bold and solid Maine muscle). Nicholas, at the age of 6 months, was the high bidder, having proudly waved his number card numerous times (each time bidding Lucas’ donation higher) at the Danbury Hospital benefit auction held at North Fayre. Lucas was seen eating his food (and that of his littermates) and was an instant draw due to his robust girth and personality.

FERRYMAN – A bay, warmblood gelding imported from England as a jumper who became a Connecticut “Yankee” in Queen Jocelyn’s Court … and presented as a wedding gift in the fall of 1989.

RESERVOIR RUNNER – A bay, thoroughbred gelding who found a new life in Connecticut after a brief career trying to navigate the NY racetracks (at his own speed); he became a stablemate of Ferryman.

BUTTONWOOD’S DREAM – A bay, thoroughbred mare purchased from Buttonwood Farm in NY after she was retired from the NY racetracks (having suffered a fractured hind ankle). She, too would find her way to Connecticut after a brief second career as a mother (broodmare).

GUIDRY – A domestic shorthair cat orphaned as a kitten at Belmont Racetrack and adopted in 1986.  A Yankee fan from birth, his name was a given as the “first born” of the Urban Tails lineup. For name reference, refer to 1980’s Yankee line-up, section pitchers, name Ron ….

BAGS – A domestic shorthair cat also orphaned as a kitten; he was left in a box wrapped in a “bag” of blankets and found on the front steps of The Residence  in The Cove. Marriage brought Guidry and Bags together in Connecticut.

GROUCHO PUDDY – A feline in appearance only as he mastered the art of domestication and family life as an author and venerable leader of the Friends in Fur. Striking and distinguished, he held court daily and managed the farm as its first secretary of state. His lineage is portrayed in one of his books.

Outlined here is the cast as the 1980’s transitioned into the 1990’s, and early family life became farm life, and where Best Friends gathered. Here, youthful perspectives prevailed and kinship set the standard of the day. Art met medicine, and collectively they nurtured a comforting and adoptive form of animal husbandry. Neighbors and relatives visited often to catch a glimpse of the activity of the day and to enjoy the comfort of Friends.