Friendship and companionship are considered the most important human traits.  Every one of mankind’s monumental achievements has been born of a congregation of men and women, and often, animals.   Before there were cars, people traveled with horse-drawn buggies.  The original New England colonies wouldn’t have survived without oxen to plow the fields.  In addition to protecting homes and being gentle with children, some canines are capable enough to serve as Navy SEALS.

The stories that follow allow us to relive the most virtuous moments of our animal relationships again and again.  Our lives as Urbans would be much different without our animal companions, who have offered endearing bonds for as long as we can remember.

The characters in Urban Tails are real.  Although historical events are always referenced, some accounts are purposefully vague and filled with narrative license.  Often a story will take us beyond the boundaries of the farm – to another county or even country, and sometimes back in time.  Most importantly, these passages are pleasing reflections that remind us of our role as friends, advocates, and caregivers for our friends in fur, who in turn provide constant reminders that humor is indeed good medicine.