I try to capture the soul of each animal that I draw or paint. Each one is different, each has its own story. A drawing can emphasize important aspects of the look of an animal in ways a photo cannot. An accurate, sensitive representation of a subject in an interesting composition is my goal.

Horses and dogs have been a part of my life since childhood and they have always been subject matter for my artwork. I have been fortunate to have met thousands of horses and dogs and their owners who have given me the opportunity to create this body of work.  I have done drawings and paintings of every size and most recently I have been working on two commissions of life sized horses, oil on canvas, 96  x 120″ and 102 x 90″.

A commissioned portrait of an animal is a wonderful way to keep our furry friends close forever. They also make terrific gifts. I work from photographs which, if possible, I prefer to take myself, but photos of the animal to be drawn or painted can also be sent to me. I can advise you on how to take the types of photos I will need. Once I have the photos I will do composition sketches and send them to the client for approval. I work in conte crayon which is a french chalk color medium, graphite, which is a black and white medium, and oil. Every effort will be made to satisfy the client and I work closely with the client during the whole process – especially on large projects where progress photos are very important.

A photo of the completed original will be sent to the client for approval. I require a 50% deposit as soon as the photos and composition have been approved and the 50% balance upon completion. Portraits can usually be completed within six months however large projects require more time. If you are interested in commissioning a portrait please contact me by email.