“In 2007 you did an amazing portrait of our beloved Mufazi. We want to thank you again. We lost her on New Year’s Eve and are so thankful for the portrait; it has brought very much comfort.”

– Jack and Julia Wilson

“Thank you so much for the painting. John and I love it!!! I’m sure everyone will love the prints as well.”

– Beezie and John Madden

“I absolutely adore the portrait of Nikki! I could almost feel him breathing on me. I know that Jack will love it as much as I do. Thank you so very much. I look forward to meeting you to tell you in person how much I love it! Thank you!”

– Pixie Schmeltzer

“Thanks so much for the beautiful painting of Rocky!”

– Pat Campbell

“The portrait of Chicago is magnificent! I can’t believe how beautiful it is, how it’s him. You’re amazing. Thank you doesn’t begin to cover how much this means to us, or let you know how we appreciate your talent.  You’re a delight, and thank you, thank you.”

– Libby Monaco

“Everyone appreciates your talent but beyond the artistic aspect of it, you are able to catch the personality of our animal in such a vivid manner that long after they are gone, they are still with us. Thank you.”

– Maria Newman