Jocelyn Sandor Urban

  • From an early age, Jocelyn pursued her passions of riding horses, drawing and playing tennis. While in high school she began to draw horses, slowly perfecting a skill that would become a career. As high school drew to its conclusion, college tennis and a degree in fine art from Skidmore College loomed. Riding would take a temporary pause.

    While at Skidmore, Jocelyn played varsity tennis and completed her degree in fine art, winning the  Pamela Weidenman Memorial Prize for outstanding achievement in lithography and or printmaking. From there a graduate degree and a rotary fellowship in printmaking took her to the University of Stockholm. Throughout this period of scholarship, she continued to draw, slowly developing a horse portrait business that would compliment her printmaking career.

    Jocelyn returned to her home state of Connecticut once her academic pursuits were completed. Here her portraiture would become her primary focus. Drawing and painting animals for a growing clientele soon consumed her professional commitments.

    Like Rick, Jocelyn attended the barn warming party. Soon horses, dogs, and cats arrived on a farm, recently purchased, and riding was re-introduced to her life. Here the concept of recreating images as fine art reproductions materialized, and FurSure Enterprises, a greeting card company, was founded.

    A life with animals has been wholesome and rewarding. A passion enabled Jocelyn reach the pinnacle of animal portraiture. While most of her work is in private collections, much of it is also represented in the greeting cards available in the Urban Visual Media website. The images have grown in subject matter and compliment the humor found in many of the original FurSure Enterprise collection.

Rick Urban

  • Captivated by childhood summers on his grandparent’s farm in Canada, Rick chose to pursue a life that offered a similar experience. The lure of animal husbandry would define a career and a lifetime.

    Following undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, and with his V.M.D. degree in hand, Rick’s lifelong ambition caring for horses and companion animals finally materialized. Early years were spent in Kentucky, Florida, and Pennsylvania, working with both show horses and race horses. A return to Westchester County, N.Y. added another dimension to his practice experience – thoroughbred breeding. Balancing a practice that included sports medicine and equine reproduction offered many challenges, but all were fulfilling, providing an expansive foundation and a variety of animal related experiences.

    A chance meeting at a client barn warming party led to a friendship, and then a courtship. Soon Rick and Jocelyn were married. Inspired by similar passions, a land search ensured. A farm house and land were purchased, fences built and a run-in shed became home to Ferryman and Reservoir Runner. Everyone was content, animals included – who by this time also included Rolf, Guidry, Bags and Groucho Puddy.

    Nicholas was born shortly after the barn was completed. He joined the team, who had recently added Orange Puddy to their roster. Buttonwood’s Dream, Wilt, Donna, Rhoda, Booty, Ruberto, and Ruthy soon followed. Howard and Peanut completed the roster. Busy was the theme. A tractor helped, friends and family visited often, and children played in the fields and around the pond where frogs frolicked. Life on a farm became sustenance to another generation.

    Rick and Jocelyn gathered their thoughts. FurSure Enterprises was founded and images flowed. Farm life brought ideas and the goal of depicting a life with animals flourished into a successful stationery business.

    Urban Visual Media was established to carry the tradition forward.

Nick Urban

  • Nick spent his early childhood on his family’s farm. Here he “helped” with daily chores … his favorite tasks were feeding horses and anything that involved the tractor. Most afternoons were spent catching frogs with friends and sweeping out the barn, or just exploring the seemingly endless farm grounds. As childhood transitioned into youth then young adulthood, school and sporting commitments replaced the farm activities. Though the physical setting changed, fond memories and a sincere appreciation for all things rustic prevailed.

    Growing up, Nick was always seen to have some type of writing implement in his hand. His love of drawing paralleled his love of the farm. From backs of restaurant menus to piles of sketch pads, he loved to draw whatever struck his interest that day. Favorite subjects included all things mechanical; trains, boats, and any type of vehicle. His detail-oriented style led him to pursue advanced art courses in high school, and later Lehigh University, where his interests culminated in degrees in both civil engineering and architecture.  Nick’s extensive practice in architectural drawing landed him a commission from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology during his senior year.

    As an integral member of FurSure Enterprises, Nick helped transition the company from a greeting card entity to the more comprehensive Urban Visual Media.  His creative instinct and fond memories of farm life in New England helped generate the concept for the new website and the company logo.